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Budapesti Szabadkikötő Logisztika Rt.

DescriptionOur company, the Freeport of Budapest Logistics Ltd. was established on September 1, 2005 . as the legal successor of MAHART-Freeport Co. Ltd. The company features the 75-year old operation right of the Budapest Freeport as well as the usufruct right of the properties found within the area.

During the change all the business activities of the earlier MAHART-Freeport Co. Ltd. were obtained by the Freeport of Budapest Logistics Ltd. along with the related rights and obligations. Besides the properties all the invested and current assets got to the Freeport of Budapest Logistics Ltd. including the business share of the subsidiaries of the legal predecessor Company.

The mainland area operated by the Freeport of Budapest Logistics Ltd. providing full port services is about 108 hectares . In its three operating basins there are 18 ship stands. There is a covered warehouse area of 115,000 sqm within the Port. The company operates a private railway and ship factory and there is a Ro-Ro terminal within the Port.

In 2005 the Port became a national public traffic port.

The bulk and piecewise traffic of the Company in 2004 came up to 1.392 thousand tons. The traffic of the container terminal – measured by the number of the paid liftings – it was almost 132 thousand TEU meaning an increase of more than 30% compared to the previous year.

One of the main activities of the Freeport of Budapest Logistics Ltd. consists of property renting within which there is a free area of 240 thousand sqm, covered storing area of 76 thousand sqm and 3 thousand sqm office area used by more than 70 lessees.

The Freeport of Budapest Logistics Ltd. exerts a 100% control over two subsidiaries, the MAHART Agroterminal Ltd. dealing with loading agricultural products and the MAHART Granary Ltd. dealing with cereal storing. The Company has two jointly managed enterprises shared in a 50-50% proportion: Ferroport Ltd. and MAHART Container Center Ltd.

The Ferroport Ltd. dealing with iron and metal ware as well as loading, storing and transporting any other bulk and piecewise goods operates within the property of the Port.

The MAHART Container Center Ltd. operating the container terminal works within the property leased by the Freeport of Budapest Logistics Ltd.

The co-owner of the Ferroport Ltd. is the German Preymesser group being also interested in the port operation and shipping.

The co-owner of the MAHART Container Center Ltd. belongs to the Raaberfreight/Multicont group playing a leading role in the Hungarian-owned container transporters.

The position of the Freeport – at the meeting point of the main traffic routes of the region – as well as the capacities provide the possibility of building a port and logistics centre known at international level.

The container terminal featuring the only Hungarian capacity of loading at water-side and operating within the Freeport enables the infiltration into the probable Danubian container transportation boom.

The Port features a significant development area providing the possibility for other activities besides the port-logistics functions in the very nearby of the City centre, in a Budapest district with a good perspective and facing a significant development.

AddressBudapesti Szabadkikötő Logisztika Rt.
H-1211 Budapest, Szabadkikötő út 5-7.
HU-1211 Budapest
Tel.(36-1) 278 3100*

Vigadó téri hajóállomás

AddressVigadó téri hajóállomás
Belgrád rakpart
HU-1051 Budapest

wiking yacht club

DescriptionMy story begins in 1987, with the idea of a few brave enterpriser to restore an old Houseship. The love for the water and Danube started family Varga on this road too. Today this enterprise grew up to be the greatest complex at Budapest and Szentendre dealing with harbour and ship services. Of course in the beginning when we had to build, paint no one had thougth that many years of hard work would become such sucsess.In the beginning they organized water-skiing, rented jet-skis and maintaned a few harbour places. Of course in 1987, not with todays circumstances, there members were the forerunners of the regime change, the few hungarian business men of then. The foregin water tourism was also popular and many sailed on our countrys waters. The yacht club opened a moodyrestaurant which is opened since.

The owners made a good assumption of the possibilities, and in a few years they created a Harbour into the middle of Szentendre with place for 40 ships, from the originally thought few ones for the hobby users.That time yearly the incoming foregin ships numbered 600-800, until the beginning of the building of the Bős-Nagymaros dam. This tendency inspired investment and upgrades, from this in 1993 director István Varga had the brilliant idea that maybeafter zZentendre Budapest could use a yacht harbour too.

By 1994 he created the circumstances at budapest to open the countrys first true international motorand yacht harbour.The beginning, waterski, jet-ski and restaurant services have become much more numerus and diverse. Today the guests are entertained and the services are provided at an international level. If someonehas the good fortune to invest in this costly hobby than upon entering the gates of the harbour meets the folowing view.After passing dozens of boats,ships and yachts one reaches the 30 ton crane wirh rhe office building in its base. After entering the building youare greeted by a wartm welcome and can listen to the options. Beginner or professional everyone can find options to there enjoyment. Of course its not recomended for beginners to buy a ship or boat, its advised to learn the basics first. But we ran forward, without a boatdriveing license you cant drive jet-ski, motorboat or yacht.

There are other possible options in the harbour once reaching Hungarys centrum. The docking is assisted by mariners day and night. After docking you can refuel your ship at the only water tankstation in the country at the danube which operates since more than 5 years. You can visit our restaurant in which you can find many gastronomical specialities. If someone wants to make a boat rip but does not have an own he can make use of our water taxi service.

We welcome our guest in our Budapest or Szentendre harbour, and in our newly opening Tisza river harbour heartfully.

AddressHU-1000 Budapest
Fax +36-1-250-3950